Tuesday, 19 April 2011

oddly conscious and not

How happy I am to finally have something to show you.
Yesterday, was a special day out for me. ( Geez, you'd think I lived in a sanitorium or something.)
I was gathered up and whisked  off to an artist friend's house with 2 other artist friends where we laughed and ate and painted.  In the afternoon I did some hand-stitched embellishement to my little pictures while these 3 goddesses watched a painting DVD that I'd already seen, all in a remote and magnificent setting on a wonderful lake near Georgian Bay.

How recharged I feel. This is the week I must pull my yard sale together, sorting, pricing and otherwise organizing, and all I want to do - finally - is play in the studio. I call this perverse,  the irony of life,  that we are often somewhere other than where we'd like to be. Not like a tree that never complains or a duck that follows its instincts. Just human, oddly conscious and not at the same time.

Miss Lettuce Head is what she was christened by my friends who couldn't quite make out what I was doing.
But for my etsy shop, I named this piece Into the Green.
It is done in watercolour and taupe-coloured silk thread.  It measures 4" x 6", done on a thick acid free lightly textured watercolour paper.

I had so much fun doing this. I've been influenced by so many wonderful artists over the years. I think fibre and mixed media artist, Lenore Tawney,  has had the greatest impact. I have had some contemporary artists come close; Cathy Cullis out of England being very important over the last year for her rare artistic and poetic connection with the subconscious mind. Recently I have been attuned to American mixed media artist Patti Roberts-Pizzuto who writes a superbly insightful blog into the process of wakening oneself to the wonders of the creative process, and whose work I admire. I think she was somehow with me as I created this piece.

Welcome to my new follower Owen Sound based artist Elly MacKay. Such delightfully whimsical work.

And with that, I bid you adieu.
All my best wishes for connecting
to universal love and passing it on.


Stone Tree Studio said...

Now I wish I had a green lettuce afro too!!!! I love organic beings! Well done!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hey,Elise, you caught me just as I was departing. Thank-you so much for dropping by. Now that you mention it there is a long history of "organic beings"!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Lorraine....I just love that stitching! I'd like to see where you'd go....just playing with stitching....I think you're taking it to some interesting places!!!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh Patti,
Thank-you so much. After hearing about the problems with machines and needles, I decided to poke my paper on a padded surface with a pin before stitching; it was so much fun. Thank-you for your encouragement!

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