Wednesday, 18 May 2011

spring wildflowers and a bunny

Finally I have something I want to share with you.

W i l d f l o w e r s !

They were everywhere when I took these shots. Even though the forest still seems somewhat barren, the wildflowers are everywhere, from the tiniest things to grand profuse blooms.  I am no botanist and have no idea what most of them are called so I have my own names for them.

First off are these "wild violets". Again that may not be what they are. They are certainly not like African violets but every bit as beautiful.

With apologies for the blurry shot, I still felt this was worthwhile sharing. This wild bush has the sweetest smelling flowers, and I will be sure to get better shots later, but isn't the leaf remarkable?
 Look at the strange configuration of the veins. Fascinating!

Further down the road I came upon these white violets with their lovely purple veining. Exquisite.

Trilliums. These are our province of Ontario's provincial flower, illegal to pick, but they don't last long anyway so it's better just to look. It's wonderful to see a hillside covered in them like I did the other day.

Aren't these wonderful? Furled trilliiums about to bloom.  They come up so quickly that there is still earth on the leaves.  Don't they look like roses? A great find as they do come and go so quickly.

This tiny beauty is a Mayflower I believe.

This shy flower is a trillium, but instead of holding her head high like her bold white sisters, she hangs her head straight down so that you'd hardly know she was there. So precious.

And here is a trout lily that comes and goes so quickly you'd better not blink. I think it must be called a trout lily because of its speckled leaves that are almost the shape of such a fish. Such a lovely spring visitor; too bad she has to go so soon.

And lastly a little flower I've been cultivating since before Easter, finally bloomed today when I realized how to finish it.  A watercolour of a bunny with mulberry paper sewn into place with opaque white seed beads and translucent pink seed beads. The colour is somewhat off as the watercolour paper is actually a lovely ivory.  I will colour-correct this and get it into my etsy shop in the next day or so.

I find the back of some pieces almost as interesting as the front, case in point.

With that, I thank those of you who may still be following this blog for being so patient with me, checking back every now and then to find out what I'm up to.  It's a funny thing this commitment to a potentially large audience with occasional feedback; it's easy to slide away, always with good intentions of maintaining a rhythm more constant than mine has been.  I am eager to pick up the pace.

Welcome new follower dear Esther of Dirty Like Weeds, an amazing talent.



Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Lorraine...those flowers are precious and transient. And in that new piece....I do find I'm quite intrigued with the back....much like the "connect the dots" series I find myself working are doing some wonderful things with surface and texture....look forward to seeing your work unfold! Cheers!

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