Tuesday, 31 May 2011

1st anniversary of enchanted blue planet's blog

Well, here we are... one year later, barely holding my blog together.
It has been a fascinating experience "meeting" other bloggers/artists and knowing that my words and pictures have been perused by folks from all over the world.

While I have no bells and whistles with which to celebrate,  no cake and ice cream,  no fanfare,  I am comforted immensely by the fact that some of you still care to follow my entries and leave your comments.
It means so much to this isolated, esoteric artist who would otherwise never meet the folks who "get" what I am trying to achieve.

T H A N K - Y O U   S O   M U C H ! ! !

I leave you this shot of my latest work as a gift to be drawn from a hat on June 21- the Solstice.
All you have to do to win it is leave a comment on any of my forthcoming blog entries,  from now until midnight (your time) on June 20,  and check in on June 21 to see if you won.  I will contact you and we will arrange free delivery.

Queen of Hearts

This little  (4inches wide, 6 inches tall)  mixed media piece is done in watercolour with various coloured sewing threads on a lovely textured,  ivory-coloured, 140 pound watercolour paper.
The colour of the thread is much richer than it appears on screen.  I will post some detail shots soon.

You may recall I have a thing for very old playing cards that were originally printed from woodcuts.
I have done a very light wash of muddy watercolour over my painting to give a semblance of age, but the thread colours remain true. As with works of this nature, it should be kept out of direct sunlight though the materials are artist quality.

Let us all be queens and kings of hearts, rulers of our own hearts,
responsible for how we treat the hearts of others.


Stone Tree Studio said...

It's lovely! could there be a deck in the works? collector's items for sure.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

What a great surprise that it should be you who comments first for this draw Elise! Yes, you've been encouraging me to do a deck, and I'm getting the same suggestion at home. Let's see what I've got in me :)

chickory said...

Happy Anniversary! I could love that queen of hearts - in my little forest studio. Im so glad I met you. Your profile statement is an astonishingly spot on life manifesto/mission.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you so much for dropping by Chickory. I'm glad to have met you too. Your latest blog entry makes me want to make "healthy" ice cream too!

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