Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday night at the fall fair

It is Friday night, 10 days since my last post.   Taking a vacation from my etsy store still seems odd after spending such an intensive time promoting it.  But I am grateful for the break as I reconsider the point of my creating things.  I keep remembering a line from the 60's animated movie "The Point" : "It ain't necessary to possess a point to have yourself a point."   That will sound odd to those of you who have never seen it, but it was about a boy, Oblio, who had a round head in a village where everyone had a pointed head.  He set forth to seek his point (his purpose) in much the same way that I seek mine.

Blown away by the biggest pumpkin with a fellow admirer

Autumn is definitely settling in with our first frost last night.  It is  such a precious and fleeting time of year and for me there is no better way to celebrate it than with a trip to the Bracebridge Fall Fair.  It is also a great place to seek out that which resonates.   I am such a dilettante when it comes to gardening, but I do admire a well-turned vegetable.



a handsome kohlrabi

a jaunty quartet of beets

We walked up and down the aisles admiring the charming displays of flowers, vegetables, quilts, story writing, knitting, painting, photography, memorabilia of days gone by and so on.  I get very emotional looking at a lovely cleaned but not washed potato or somebody's oddly shaped carrot.  There is so much care and pride in submissions and their display.

First prize for a lovely medley


Second prize for a creative composition

The step dancing and championship fiddle music made you want to run in circles
which this little girl did while we shared a heaping order of poutine - a French Candadian invention of homecut French Fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds - yum!

Meanwhile, outside... the Midway!


What a joyous noisy festive evening.  There are more pictures to come.
Welcome to new follower Hedera who does such beautiful and meticulous botanical drawings.


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