Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunday at the Fair

It is the Autumn Solstice today and what a heavenly entry into this time of year,  with nature so ripe with bounty and beauty.  We have been SO lucky with the balmy days we've been having. 

I am still reeling from our trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up a deal on an Italian Necchi sewing machine   (More about that later)   We picnicked afterwards in the evening sunlight by a marina on the shore of Lake Nippising and watched people walk their dogs.  Afterwards we strolled along the boardwalk ourselves,  and then down the long pier where people were fishing.   I love the fresh lake air and the "sweet light" of the fading day,  seagulls reeling overhead.

Now one last installment of the Bracebridge Fall Fair
Yet another friend brought me for a morning visit to see the chickens... but don't they move and jerk so that barely any of my shots are salvageable!

so I only have a few birds to show you like this handsome rooster


this wonderful goose who bobbed a lot too

and was very honky.


These 2 little ducks made the most of their time,  visiting with each other.


This pigeon, however,  stayed very still... as if he was stuck?

Do you like cows?  I love them.  I don't know why they fascinate me so.  Could it be their size contrasted with their gentleness.  I am alway touched by the innate gentleness of animals that are given lots of love.
This girl was very mooey while I was there.


It made you wonder who or what was she missing.

Other cows were being led off for their baths because, of course,
they were going to be put on show.

This lovely girl is in the middle of hers,


doleful, but satiny clean.

This shy baby has just had its bath with his brother who

took great pleasure warming himself in the warm morning sun.


Like this little girl, I am thrilled by these gentle beasts

though sometimes I, too, have my misgivings for they are so BIG!


Back to my friend's house

Thought you might enjoy these vignettes of her lovely country kitchen


I send you my wishes for abundance and joy in your life.


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