Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Saturday at the Fair

It was a fine morning to go to the fair....

As we headed off, 3 fine Wood Ducks swam out from under cover

to join the other ducks up ahead


a lovely early autumn morning

Saturday was animal day at the fair.  You may have noticed the fondness I have for animals, our fellow earthmates.  I see a simplicity and dignity in them that I admire,  not to mention a beauty even in the most humble of creatures.

This next batch of pictures is of sheep.  I am not a purist, and have never really cared about the names of breeds, so I'm afraid I can't help you with specifics,  but when you see the character in these faces, I think you may agree that pedigree hardly matters.

A sweet and gentle face


Sizing the situation up

a noble head

a fine sheep if ever there was one

an ovine sensibility

This darling calf was very shy on her first visit to the fair.

Her shyness warrants a comforting hug and a kiss.

Sharing more poutine with a friend (my waistline has paid for this),
we are scanned by a hovering hopeful.

After watching this powerful horse do a set of heavy weight pulling,
 we visit with Duke and his owner.

He is a magnificent Belgian stallion, and his owner says he knows it!

The heavy weight pulls gradually increased to 9,500 pounds.
If a team couldn't pull they were immediately detached from the weight,
 a "sled" loaded with concrete blocks.

We were assured that the horses want to pull.  And, indeed, they seemed excited and eager to get at it.
There seemed to be a trick to attach their harness to the weight just as they're anticipating the pull.

And who won? Out of 7 teams, Duke and his harness mate drew the required 15 feet and more. Except for one other stallion, he was the biggest horse  in the competition, all Belgians;
the John Wayne of Belgians.


Yes, there were other animals at the fair, not to mention all the wonderful dogs that the visiting public brought.  The people-watching was fun too.

Tomorrow, another batch of pictures.



sculpturemoulds said...

Great shots Lorainne,especially the animals. You've captured their gentle personalities on film(digital?)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Art. Well, you know what an animal lover I am... Yes, I am so lucky to have the use of Wally's digital camera.

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Lorraine....I just LOVE sheep....there is something about the shape of their faces and bodies....and their color too. Lovely shots of all the animals, but the sheep are my favorites! Thanks!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank YOU Patti. Aren't the sheep such noble characters? I can see why the colours, especially, would appeal to you; such a multitude of subdued, textural neutrals.

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