Sunday, 20 November 2011

Enchanted Blue Planet on Etsy reopens

Well here we are on a Sunday night in November.  The 6 inches of snow from 2 days ago has melted and the sun even came out, but I was determined to meet my magical date commitment to myself to get my online etsy shop up and running again as I stitched the day away making little lavender stuffed pillow brooches.

Here is a detail of the 1.5  x  2 .25  inch Saw Whet Owl brooch I finished today.

It is irregular with its combination stuffing of lavender and polyfil, but I like it that way. 

It has been a great joy of mine investing so much time in drawing again in this medium of black crochet cotton freehand embroidery.  I love the rich black against the buff, richly textured natural linen.  It makes such a strong graphic statement and yet the "strokes" of thread are oddly out of my control as each stitch slips into the weave of the linen with an idiosyncracy that I can barely control, making me more of a participant and less of a leader.    I do get a kick out of this lack of control though I spent almost as much time today removing stitches as often as making them. 

More tomorrow...I hope.


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