Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Oh, you want to hear yourself

It is Tuesday morning, 4 weeks since my last entry and 9 weeks since I put my etsy shop into holiday mode.   As the weeks have unfolded I have become more accepting of the fact that this electronic world that I have entered into has been somewhat other than I expected it to be.   Most of my visitors to this blog come from Google Images where they almost all land on my entry from last year: " This Very World is Paradise".   While I had hoped to create an audience for my creative work,  I am resigned to the fact that it is not going to happen unless I make a more commercial product, something I cannot bring myself to do after over 30 years in business as a potter and all the pretzelling I did to support myself.

So my little voice must continue to speak to myself.   As a friend once commented when I told her I was writing a short story, " Oh, you want to hear yourself."   And isn't that what our creative efforts are ultimately about though we assert we are trying to reach others?   Ultimately self-revelation, as my entry  (linked above)  illustrated,  is what it's all about despite our best efforts to connect with others.   Ultimately we are alone.  But do not despair.  While the scramble to be otherwise is illusion, we can and must learn from others.  Still,  these lessons must  pass through the filter of our own minds.  How often do we hear or see something new in what we have heard and seen many times before!  This is the relationship I feel compelled to work on and use this blog to share with you.  I hope you find merit in this and the few creative efforts that are worth recording here.


a frosty morning 4 days ago


a frosted begonia blossom


I took a teddy bear workshop on the last Saturday of October
and worked on my little bear through the week,  finally finishing him  the following Friday.


He's a wistful little fellow,  and a good listener.

I'm exploring little bears in other materials that are more readily available to me.
Let's see what comes of this week.

I have a tentative announcement to make, tentative because I realize how rarely I can follow through on commitments that are calendar-oriented.  But I have a special feeling for this date as it seems to be a magical number :

20 11 2011


On that day I will reopen my etsy shop for another experiment in selling.
There will be some new work there that I hope you will enjoy.

Till then, all best wishes for fulfillment of your hopes and dreams.


mamabeaks said...

Hi! I always love reading your Blog and saying hello to you! I have been staring at the photo of the evergreen with the frost, just imagining being there. It sort of brings me back to the times when I lived in Washington and there were spots that looked just like that. Those were good memories and I love going back there in my mind, so a big hug and thank you for that! I love your teddy bear. That must have been fun to make! I am looking forward to your etsy shop, and always keep true to yourself, that's what makes you the beautiful person that you are.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Your kind words, Linda, always mean so much to me....
I have often wondered if Washington state would be a beautiful place to live. I opened my curtain this morning to see a dusting of first snow and I smiled with mixed emotions, then took a few backlit photos, knowing it would soon be gone as it is quite mild. Indeed, it all goes so fast. I am grateful I can share with you Linda in this small way.

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