Monday, 21 November 2011

X O X an ornamental tag

A wonderful Monday morning to you as it is here.  The sun is shining, for which I'm so grateful as I've been housebound for the last week -  and through the weekend -  putting finishing touches on the re-opening of my etsy shop.   It is exciting to go public again as I've gained so many of my followers through etsy.  Welcome to new follower Lori !  I'm always thrilled by this medium and the way one can connect with people from all over the world.  I suppose those of you who visit here are already well-steeped in the miraculousness of cyberspace, but for me it's almost as wild as ESP that I should be able to share my thoughts and pictures with you, and find you, in turn.

Today I put the finishing touches on this ornamental tag that I have put into my shop.
The photo transferred with some irregularities, which I feel added to the piece;  perfectly imperfect.

let us all go through the day with compassion and forgiveness for we are all

perfectly imperfect


mamabeaks said...

she is lovely! (she is mine!!!)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Mamabeaks, I couldn't be more delighted!
Thank you for the thrill; how am I going to sleep tonight??

barbara@sparrowavenue said...


Enchanted Blue Planet said...


Lori said...

she is very lovely, the pink stitches are very nice.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Lori; pink and chocolate go so well together don't you think?

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