Saturday, 17 November 2012

bridging the gap

A lovely sunny Saturday morning with only a few days before I leave the comfort of ...

my cozy kitchen. 
My dear sister at Sparrow Avenue  will be exhibiting her lovely graphic textiles in Toronto at Canada's biggest art and craft show starting next week until December 2, and I'll be there to help her, hence away from my cozy kitchen of which I've become quite fond.
Besides preparing for 2 weeks away, I'm hoping to have some quiet time to play with fabric and/or paint  this weekend as I had a super trip with new playmate Pam Frail to Halifax yesterday to see the Designer Craft Show  where I saw some inspiring work and got my feet wet again in the world of retail at a busy show.
I have no particularly good shots of the show but here are a few interesting ones I took in Halifax.
A rare opportunity to take one of the two big bridges that cross the Halifax harbour
 with Pam as Wally hates the height of them.
This fabulous suspension bridge called the Macdonald
 led us from Dartmouth right into downtown Halifax.

As usual the two second delay on my camera meant that I took many blurry shots,
but this one had a certain pizzazz that I liked.

a harbour view from the Cunard Event Centre where the Christmas Show was held.

and on the way home again,  a blurry but telling shot of the vastness of the Macdonald Bridge.
What an exciting feeling of the big city crossing this massive structure was for me

as one by one we passed under these huge "suspenders?"
I found the whole experience quite exhilarating!


Not nearly as exhilarating, but no less fun for me, was stitching this angel on paper.
I will try to do one more post before I leave for Toronto, but if I don't, I know you will forgive me. I expect to have so much to show you when I get back.
for now
keeping present
where all is
as it is


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

that is a pretty scarey bridge!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

maybe if I hadn't had a camera in hand I would have thought so too. Wally certainly agrees with you!

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