Monday, 5 November 2012

simple truths

You might think that all we do around here is gallivant.  Lucky for me, when Wally has a day off, he wants to go exploring too, which we try to squeeze in with all the must-do's.
So on Saturday we took off to the Halifax area to do some household research
and peek into a few fun shops along the way. I was taken with this glorious ornamental kale with its giant drop of water caught in its leaves.

There was a huge craft/antique/food show at the Halifax Forum that we arrived at late in the afternoon.
I know there is a term for this kind of oriental ceramic figurine, but darned if I can remember it.
 Regardless, I wanted to share its perfectly imperfect delightfulness with you.

like this worn wooden sculpture too.
An earthy pair of sea nymphs, bold and bawdy
And this brazen mermaid sat among the ship wheels, buoys, ropes and brass navigation tools and nautical paraphernalia that Wally and I became enmeshed in. What fun we had. Wally selected a copper-coloured brass swivelling hook and eye from amongst that pile you can see to the left of the mermaid
Here is the little owl (waiting for her bottom weight) that I made from felted sweater scraps
 that were donated by an artist for stuffing at the sock monkey class I took 5! weeks ago (I know, "Where does the time go??")  I unstuffed my monkey (yet to be finished) when I got home from that class and recently bought some recycled polyester filling for stuffing dolls which I feel much better about, especially the recycled part. My owl is a first attempt at stitching cut up sweaters, naively made without a pattern as I was so eager to get started (which slowed me down a little as you can imagine.) She has a pale blue hood, a tail and a name: Polly.
There's been a certain something on my mind since researching that link I made on Maud Lewis in my last post.  It's got to do with poverty and age. Last week I found this amazing article, watched the 1934 version of Imitation of Life on Youtube, and then today was sent this delightful link, all of which have substantiated my feelings not only about the richness that can be found in the simplest of things, but how essential it is to make room in our lives for this. 
Clarity, the inner eye of the storm, is where authenticity can be found.
This is a universal truth that will lead us to peace one step at a time.
I believe this.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

pretty cool
I thought Mick Jagger was my new hero

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

I wasn't sure what you were commenting on til I realized you went to the NY Times link about aging and I cracked up. Let's hope Jagger does so well in his 90's!

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