Wednesday, 7 November 2012


A sunnyfrosty good morning here.  It promises to be a lovely day. 
This is a detail from an ink and watercolour

I often find myself liking details of my pictures better than the whole.
I suppose I could cut out the parts I like and call them the finished piece
or use them as elements in something else. Something to think about...

I hesitate to share the picture as a whole with you.
Perhaps you can see why I'm keeping it so small. I tried to doctor the piece with an umber wash,
 but it just isn't working for me.
I do love working with the concept of Queen and will, no doubt, come back to it
 once my pride has healed.
This work in progress is necessarily large so you can see it.
I am stitching on paper, a slow, careful process that I enjoy. I have no idea where it's going.
watching the miraculousness of the day unfolding


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