Tuesday, 23 July 2013

a Grand-Pré afternoon

It's a welcome rainy day here in the valley. And welcome cooler temperatures, too, in the low 20's C.
It's a perfect day for colour-correcting the pictures I took on Sunday when we took a little jaunt over to Grand-Pré, the rolling farmland and dyked fields to the east and northeast of Wolfville.

First stop was The Tangled Garden for some Rose Petal Ice Cream
Wally and I are at odds about the dried flowers.
I love 'em.
a beautiful handwrought iron hinge at a gate to the gardens
I so wanted to walk the gardens, or rather, sit in them.
One day I will come back with my sketchbook.
Outside the gardens there was still much to see like these
beautiful grape buds and blossoms
this pink mallow and giant castor bean leaves
royal purple clematis
purple clematis and pink bud
surreal beauty of a thistle
a spiral-thorned ornamental thistle
Planet Thistle up close
Fat Rose Hips
tiny rose full blown
a small natural rose bouquet
Grape vines
Always game for a craft show, we came 'round the back of the Grand Pre Museum to find out what the tents were about, but the afternoon festivities in memory of the Acadian Expulsion of 1755 were over, and people were busy cleaning up.
Nearby stands the statue of Evangeline
Hey! More Hay! This poster explains the straddle
Two men working the hay straddle
An old illustration of an Acadian threshing scene
a lovely Acadian in original handwoven linen and wool costume stands in front of the hay straddle
a tiny roadside church on the perimeter of a dyked farmfield
Looking across the Minas Basin from Grand Pre towards Blomidon at low tide
 Ever the fan of the mother and child image,
I took some pretty fuzzy shots of this quintessential subject
 Forgive me for it was hard to decide which of these pictures I liked best
 Each had a story of its own
 I think of the reflected light in a particularly favourite painting of mine by Berthe Morisot.
If you should go to this link, tip your screen back to help darken the image which will make it easier to see her wonderfully loose brush strokes that would work so well on this beach scene
Leaving the sea, we came out to the dyked fields that were created so long ago
Houses overlooking the dyked cornfields
 And finally my humble efforts at painting the Artist Trading Cards I've been making this month
and my latest efforts in process. I got out the tracing paper for this one as I wanted to try some multiples of the same composition, and of course this is the fast way.
peace in your journey


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

great photos as always
the mom and kids are definitely paintings...

it's good to see the mermaids in process, they all look so different

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

thank-you Barbara.
and, yes, i'm pleased you see differences in the mermaids as I try to break away from the predictable

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