Thursday, 18 July 2013

from the sidewalk to the last hay bale

Walking home from the post office...

This is the little house I fell in love with when we first saw it last year..
It is still for sale; it's price has dropped dramatically and still remains empty so I guess there's good reason that we never even toured it and it's all for the best,
 but I do love the look of the dear thing.
Oh did I get suspicious looks from neighbours as I stopped to photograph these beauties.
Always by the roadside, I stopped seeing formal gardens up close,
but there were still wondrous beauties to behold without stepping off the sidewalk.
Wild Roses

Chicory and waspybee
Another neighbour eye-balling me
This fascinating flower emulates a thistle,
fascinating because it has no thorns but has protected itself by pretending to look like it does.
a common weedhead
Quite wonderful when you have a closer look at it
This lowly scrub cone is so beautiful at this stage
Wild currants
Swirly tendrils of the wild currant
More tendrils and flowers that will become currants
Bracken and Horsehair

Maple keys on the concrete sidewalk
Glorious Groundcover and its Flowers
So I bet you thought you were safe from the dreaded hay bales. Well, almost. Personally I was sad to see them gathered up so soon, but I, too, knew that rain was forecast for that Tuesday evening, so I knew the farmer was wise to gather his precious load before it could be damaged by water and consequent mould.
It was with some wistful regret that I came out in time to see
the farmer go to pick up the last hay bale.
Adjusting the last hay bale
Adjusting the bale. Here you can see a bit of the South Mountain that makes up the Annapolis Valley
Loading the last hay bale onto the wagon
The hayfield stripped barren of its bales, still beautiful in the evening light
I do love the glow of late afternoon light on the trees
The Memory of Trees in the Setting Sun
Mermaid  With Her Lyre ATC
As Below So Above ATC
Remember there is still time to take advantage of my offer to trade ATC's so please follow the link to see how. I have a received a few Artist Trading Cards in exchange for mine, and I am delighted to have these tiny original works in my hands, so lovely. And I have had the best time making works in a small format.
Peace in our hearts and in the world at large



Cathy Cullis said...

the house is delightful - I would be so intrigued by it....

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

And didn't I think of you, Cathy, while I was posting it here on my blog, knowing your love of houses :)

the woolly dog said...

How strange the way different people view things, one thinks, the house is still empty there must be something wrong with it, the other thinks, it hasn't sold because it's waiting for me, not as in the film The Haunting (of Hill House') but as in no one else has seen what it can become... how could you not look round it?

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

sweet little mermaids

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hi the woolly dog, Yes, well, for one thing the price was too high when we were first looking, and now that it has come down, we are settled in our wonderful new home. Others who've seen it did tell us of its problems so we keep it in our hearts as the dream :)

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Barbara. I'm taking a break from working on some new ATC's even now.

Sam said...

What an enchanting bit of the world you love in! I especially love your flower shots - I can never resist photographing flowers when I'm out and about either!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Samantha, what a lovely surprise to have you visit. I wonder if the neighbours eye you suspiciously too when you stoop to photograph :D

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