Monday, 29 July 2013

last days of July

My enthusiasm was flagging last week for a number of reasons.
The crazy heat was getting to me too, and then...

this lovely thing happened...
I received a darling handmade journal in the mail from someone I barely know, possibly a real life angel, in the online Mermaid Circus class I've been in since (I can hardly believe it) April.

The first few pages I filled were awkward and clumsy, indicative of the mood I had been in,
but then I came to the watercolour paper and decided to go back and work with the original design I made for my first ATC at the beginning of the month.
And this is where I stopped.
There are still a few days left for anyone who might want to do a trade with me.
You can see the details HERE.
And here is a picture for my niece who I promised to show an update of our garden.
See how well the aluminum pie plates are growing from the trees?
With 3 apples and 3 peaches left on each tree, I can't say they've done the best job of discouraging the deer, but at least I'm getting used to their tinging in the nighttime breeze.
It is cooler today and overcast with a possibility of rain.
I hope wherever you are the weather is kind to you
and that you are kind to yourself.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

nice little book to fill.

I don't know anything about deer, but wouldn't blood or bone meal work?

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you. Well, wouldn't you know, Wally says you're right so why are we hanging pie plates??

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