Friday, 6 September 2013

a September start

I had to look at the calendar because I couldn't believe it's been a good 4 weeks since I last posted here. Thank you to those of you who expressed missing me. I am so grateful that anyone even noticed with the myriad of wonderful things to see on the net.

With all the busyness around here, renovating and a new roof, I haven't had as much time as I want or need to devote to my playtime with mixed media, and therefore nothing profound to share with you.
And that is fine for now, for essence comes with time devoted, and that will come with...time.

I did continue to play in my little altered book art journal a little bit after my last post. 
 With 3 scant weeks left of my access to the online class Mermaid Circus at the end of August, I was feeling a little forlorn.
 It was much harder than I thought it would be to release this class into the Universe as the teachers and students had created a safe place in which to share and grow and help me to rediscover my love of making which was on shaky ground when I started way back in April.
On the weekend of our 1st anniversary in Nova Scotia, Wally and I went to Halifax to celebrate.
But still I saw mermaids everywhere.
Halifax is a special little city with a vibrant downtown core.
I call this picture Three Sisters for this amazing juxtaposition of old and new buildings.
The planes and angles of this old church delight me
as does this candy cane scaffolding
This rare and dangerous opportunity to photograph so close
 to this crane in action was too good to miss.
Needless to say this huge piece of iron and steel made it to its destination
and I didn't die
I never imagined that we, too, would have the services of a crane to lift out shingles to the second floor of our house. Fancy schmancy! Here you see the 2 windows of my tiny studio as well.
a paint pen and gel pen sketch from my imagination
Now it is almost a week of September come and gone, and while I sit in the midst of renovation chaos, I know I need a good dose of the sweetness and light that a creative time can give- not that renovating isn't creative. One always knows where one's heart lays, and for me it is in the fey, the fantasy that is more real to me than reality... and so I've signed up with another of Jane Davenport's classes, JOYnal, a mixed media class using fairies, sprites and elves as foundations with which to learn new skills.  
wishing you sweetness and light


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

faeries elves and imps: take a look at Brian Froud

you're doing amazing work in that it seems so 180 from the past

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