Wednesday, 16 October 2013

an hour and a half holiday

How hard we try to be good little ants and not naughty little grasshoppers as we focussed on the yard work on Thanksgiving Monday, mowing the lawn, planting the perennials that decorated our deck all summer, and bringing in our small harvest of giant zucchinis, artichokes, cucumbers and eggplant. A few hardier veggies remain like the chard, beets, kale, cabbage, carrots and parsnips.

It was a long time coming, our belated drive in the country to see the autumn colours, but at 5:20 we shut the door and headed off for... ONE HOUR and a half.

Up into the hills of the "south mountain" we drove seeking out our beloved maples,
with the colour that is so necessary (to us) for an autumn drive.
Higher and higher we drove, still finding farms at the very top
with old apple orchards, that this part of the world is so famous for
til finally, we were about as high as we could go
and looking to the north we could see "the north mountain" with its famous Blomidon capping it off
Several turns in the road took us lower and lower til we were driving along a ridge that overlooked the Gaspereau River, resplendent in the evening light

We found a place to stop (posted with a warning to watch for the difference between Brook Trout and young Salmon which look similar but must be protected.)
a beautiful view of the Gaspereau River in the evening light
How lovely the reflections of sky and water and trees, beautiful trees
This is what we've been missing from our beloved northland
wild asters grow everywhere this time of year
another view to the left (west) bank of the river, flowing ever so gently
and a closer detail of this pretty maple
Across the road a little white duck preens itself in the shallows before bed
as above
so below: COLOUR!!
The colour we sought was SO CLOSE by; the wildness we missed within minutes of our town home
This is what we needed. A shot of raw nature to boost our immune system
highly recommended !
Oh! I just realized!
You might want to see what I've been up to!
sweet dreams


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

kitchy postcards
lots of fun
nice double spread of "bugs"

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. It HAS been lots of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Hi GF, The photos of the Gaspereau are utterly stunning. The colour, reflections, composition etc...too beautiful. How can we as a species abuse and desecrate this majestic land and all its creatures ...our home and relations. BB

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Hi BB,
I find myself saying so often, "we are living in primitive times" which certainly includes human consciousness. How lucky we are to still have some idyllic spots of nature intact to return to for restoration.

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