Saturday, 12 October 2013

autumn gratitude

It is a Quintessential Autumn Day here, or what I like to call a Calendar Day because of the crazy bright colours against a cerulean blue sky like the calendar photos of old, so brilliant you don't believe it could be real!
Yesterday, the colour looked more like this in the hazy morning sky.
 I love them this way, all muted and romantic.
Our waning garden: only one eggplant grew; you can barely make it out near the back, third plant to the right. On the right you can see 3 of our Harelson apples, red and ready.
 In the foreground, the top of our massive hydrangea.
 Beans and tomatoes are gone. Beets, parsnips, cabbage and kale and chard remain.
The little maple at the corner of our neighbour's lot has lost so many leaves and never did get the brilliance of the maples I miss from northern Ontario. Both my sister and I pine (hey! a pun!) for Algonquin Park this time of year when our family would holiday there.
Last night I got out the Prismacolors and played around on top of the acrylic ghosts of figures I put down a few days ago, still a work in progress or wip as they say.

Fairy#1 wip 

Fairy #2 wip

Fairy #3 wip
Fairies 2 and 3 wip
Working on this much texture is a revelation to me. And the way the Prismacolor coloured pencils blend so well because of all the wax they have in them is another eye-opener. Then, of course, that one can use them on top of acrylic paint! Well, I'm thrilled.
It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Personally, I don't get it.
I think every day is a day for thanks giving.
Thank you! for visiting.


Elise somers said...

A Fairy, and 2 wips. A very special appearance for honoured guests. I enjoy being pixilated by them. They are very gracefull. I Wonder were we are being insnared to? Or is their work mission one of capting our attention and relaying to us a very special message, in a very unique way. O hello there, mr. beetle have a nice day! Love the text and illustration. When a spark appears, hey! Such lushious vegetation down there! With laughter as a bonus, pearls of laughter. Please tell me more. The kid in me is ensnared and pixilated. Great job!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Elise. Your enthusiasm never fails to make me smile!
Yes, I will tell you more as it comes. Thank you for the encouragement!

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