Thursday, 10 October 2013

change your trajectory

Somehow time seems to be speeding up. I must be having a good time...

Still seeing some crazy skies over New Minas where the big parking lots open up
 great expanses of sky.
After several false starts, Wally took the onus away from me and started painting my wee studio himself. Say good-by to the old auto wallpaper. Wally thinks he may have to cut out a swatch for himself since it reminds him so fondly of his childhood bedroom papered with the same print!
"But what would I do with it?" he asks. "
"You could put it in a scrapbook, or frame it, or use it for a book cover," I suggest.
Hey, why not?
Yesterday, a new muse flew in.  She'll be growing some fairy wings before long, taking on a new persona as I work on my mixed media altered book with a fairies theme under the tutelage of Australian artist Jane Davenport.
I've really enjoyed the process of "vandalizing" a hardcover book.
Really! If you know me, you'll understand how transformative this has been for me.
Another spread in the same book where I practise my fairy tale story-telling,
another huge learning curve for me- so fun!
 Look for the possibilities in your own life, the things you never thought you could do. It changes your trajectory to change one little thing. That could be a good thing :)


barbara@sparrowavenue said...


fantastic spreads! Clouds and Papers
have a great weekend

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

That made Wally happy; thank you for that and everything else.
I'm tempted to leave the spreads the way they are; I love their abstraction.

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