Friday, 14 February 2014

love and fog

This morning I woke up to FOG.
After last night's snow it is now 9 degrees Centigrade ( that's 45F)
No wonder the fog
The view from our bedroom window of our garden in snow,
the field obliterated by fog
Out in my pajamas to catch the view to the southeast,
kitty tracks (not ours) leading to the field,
snowmobile tracks circumferencing the field,
Ah, and the trees beyond.
Last night was like a party here
Babu and I entertained ourselves with ribbon
All the funny action shots are too blurry to share
But an occasional few were salvageable 
beginning to flag
and a little rest before the next session
This time using the chair as an extra challenge
How to access a ribbon the hard way
tangling up at sixes and sevens
Muji watches the show
intrigued but not impressed
too much goofy
too much crazy
But Muji knows better
Prince Muji, the Count er Balance of Cool
Let's not forget that Love is where we put our Attention. 


Anonymous said...

Your first two photos are so gorgeous
sorry not so much of a fan of allllll the cat photos, but still love your blog

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

hi Lorraine
your Mom here, Barbara brought me here for supper that Art has been busy preparing. What a good cook he is!
Lovely to see your kittens. The black kitten is so cute. Muji is so above it all.

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