Friday, 28 February 2014

lambie love

Last day of February embodies layers of meaning for me.

an urge to get into the country overwhelms me

the Gaspereau Valley is only minutes away
yet we don't get out there nearly often enough
the Gaspereau River runs through the valley
land or orchards
and vineyards
and other types of farms
today you may want to brace yourself for blurry shots of
and lambs
and lots
of lambs
pretty rare
and precious
for a city girl like me

I love watching the little critters
Their tender smiles
their innate innocence
too precious

too dear
and then suddenly they are bubbly
bounding about with abandon
no purpose no particular direction
even on mamas back
oops, a little confusion
and on another mamas back
it's all a bit much for mama
a fine sheep she is
a noble placid profile
and donkey watches on
a careful eye on the babies
Tomorrow, another installment of our country drive, so good for the soul.

let the animals show you how it's done


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