Sunday, 15 June 2014

hope springs eternal

A misty, sometimes rainy weekend here.

We went for a walk along the trail in Wolfville yesterday.
 I love the many ways the fibinacci spiral reveals  itself.

Lupins everywhere.

lovely vetch blossoms

Red clover and Vetch

a walk along the grassy dyke

The marshlands are harnessed for farming here by dykes, earthen dykes one can walk for miles on.

looking across the marshland on the side that is not farmed.

Beyond is the Minas Basin, and across it, Blomidon, the end of the old north mountain range

among the grasses are tiny sunbathers

more clover as we walk back

and a bumblebee at work

I have a special fondness for bumblebees.

new leaf growth everywhere

this one hides a secret

I never noticed quite how beautiful this scrubby tree is in spring.

peace and faith in new beginnings


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