Tuesday, 14 October 2014

a country drive

Ah, sweet autumn. The colours almost passed.

our giant ash are already past their glory since I took this picture last week.

On Thanksgiving Monday we headed out for a stolen afternoon, stolen because there is so much work that really ought to be done on a good weather day off but, golly, we needed a day off.

First stop was at this roadside farm stand. Proceeds are going to the restoration
of this giant red barn
what a great idea.
It was hard to find the bright reds of maple and sumach that we so enjoy but I got this fading maple as we drove by, hence the blur.

And what's an outing without a visit with the friendly farm animals?
This dear girl was fast asleep
as I closed in for a better shot
Another cow as we turn a bend in the road, closer to our destination.
You can see the sea in the background.
 the rolling hills of a Minas Basin farm, again the sea in the background.
But now another stop

because when else will I have a chance to meet such a friendly pig?

Toes together she roots with her hard -tipped nose for tidbits.

Around another corner, Blomidon. Quite the address.
Tomorrow, more pictures of our afternoon out
with a peek at the piece I started in a most tranquil setting.
taking our cue from this pleasant autumn day,
peace on earth


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

aren't those piggies so photogenic?
nice shots
it doesn't really look warm, though
maybe that M. Parish sky

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Barbara. Certainly cool enough for jackets in the late afternoon, especially by the sea,
yet out of the wind it was mild enough to go gloveless. A cozy way to draw.

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