Monday, 27 October 2014

taking a moment

There's enough time for:

taking a moment
On Friday evening I began another Prismacolor drawing, this time on a very light weight (73 lb.) acid free kraft paper with a soft tan cast to it.  It seemed to need some depth that these pencil crayons can't give without resorting to black (which was a personal no-no for me) so I added some paint pen dots to the background. Still struggling with my exposures and not nearly as happy with this image as my original. Oh well... for now.
A cool damp start to our week here after many days of rain.  Yes, dreary but as I said to Wally yesterday when we headed out in the car and he was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it all,
 we could sing a song.  That made him smile. So I sang. He's the only one who likes my singing, bless him, and he smiled some more. That made me happy. 
spread a little love today and see what you reap


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