Sunday, 11 January 2015

spring in January

Friday was a hard day as I rode out a sleepless night and a dull-edged day with a cold. The wind howled around the house and blew snow all about. 

So where did this come from?  I call it Spring Dance
watercolour, Prismacolor and paint pens

Then, after a pretty good night's sleep I woke up to this:

on one side of the house

and this, through the maple hedge, on the other

Babu, our "little" 1 1/2 yr. old was in a good mood

wriggling about for cuddles and attention

He's a wiggler and rarely sits still for very long, unless he's asleep. 
Then he mews like a kitten when touched, too groggy for mischief.

 So as I talked to him

Muji, who heard me and is a little jealous, came running for his cuddles

Surprise! Babu, who is never jealous, took him in a stranglehold for a "licking", 
little wild boy that he is,  itching for some fun

This is normal around here,  even an ear licking

and Muji will take the love any way he can get it,

"Ah, Heaven..."

Then, it's Babu's turn: "tradesies"

and Babu loves it too.

Needless to say, this all makes me very happy to see my little Babu and my loving Muji getting along so well together. Muji has gone from hopping on his damaged leg a year ago to limping on it, chasing Babu who likes to pounce on him, playing jungle gym, provoking Muji to "play" i.e. chase him, great exercise for Muji who is as lazy as I. 

hope you are well and enjoying a restful day


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