Tuesday, 27 January 2015

silent movie

The blizzard has come. More wind than snow, but the whiteouts and drifting are treacherous, so I'm glad Wally got the day off.

Yesterday I watched my first Gloria Swanson movie "Why Change Your Wife" 1920, a sly, sexist silent, typical of the times. This because I've been reading Swanson on Swanson, one of the many neglected books from my personal library that I've finally turned to after paying yet another public library late fine.  I  don't know what possessed me to pick this one up, but I'm quite enjoying this slice of early movie making and life from the perspective of one of the biggest stars of her time.

So I call this Silent Movie
done in my old Laurentian coloured pencils

Now to make some soup on this blustery winter day.
Have a lovely end of January.


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