Thursday, 12 March 2015

our life, kitty style

Are you, like I, surprised to find yourself in the middle of the month already? Tomorrow will be the 2nd Friday the 13th in as many months.  Intrigued with the seeming coincidence, I realized that this 2nd Friday the 13th has come about because February ended on the 28th this year, which means it was exactly 4 weeks long, something no other month has, therefore the days of March would match the days of February until March the 28th. Are you still with me? I wish I had had an arithmetic teacher when I was a child who would have set me up with a love (and trust?) of numbers. Usually they swirl around me like a vortex of stars, one indistinguishable from the other.

It's been about a month now since I have done anything artistic, my creative energy going into the re-situating of the kitchen. I'm excited about my idea of a kitty litter/broom closet in which to contain this necessary but annoying aspect of our lives. We're quite inspired to get on with things so I was surprised to hear Wally suggest, in the wee hours this morning, that we go to Halifax this weekend.   It is understandable, after all, that he's needing a break from his grueling job and a long winter.

On the bright side, we've been saving our pennies to pay off our commitment to buy a Quebec made hutch and buffet that we found very reasonably priced but unaffordable after Christmas. We left a deposit but then  there was that business with the snow blower breaking down just when we were about to pay off on the buffet. Thankfully, we were given a reprieve by the store and finally paid it off on the weekend... and brought it home.

Suddenly I heard a noise and when I came in I still couldn't imagine how Muji, with his lame right shoulder, managed to get up in there.

"What are you doing in there?" I asked him
 From the looks of him, I wonder if he's expecting an argument.
Funny little guy, always looking for an escape hatch... through cupboards, down the basement door, out into the cold front porch. And I'm always asking him, "Don't you want to stay with us?"
Of course, he does; he just wants to get outside into the fresh air and the freedom of it as he obviously was once an outdoor cat. But we are on a busy road and there are some pretty nasty feral cats around here. My gentle Muji wouldn't last too long in the big bad world. He was definitely made for royalty.

 taking ownership, kitty style

Prince Muji listens. He is really quite smart.

Funnily, Muji hasn't been back in the cupboard since I took these shots on Saturday. The novelty has already worn off.  But not for me and Wally. We marvel at it, and ironically, I don't even feel a need to put anything in it. We just like looking at it. And it's in the bedroom after all; until we can get on with the reno, there's no use in adding more to what we'll have to move.

A few days later I find the boys in one of their creative sleeping poses.

As quiet as I can be, Babu wakens

A yawn from my sleepy boy, then back to sleep.

It's sunny and warming up here. The thaw is definitely on.  I hope you're having an easy shift into spring, or fall if you are viewing from that far away. It's such a small world after all and we are lucky to have this human experience of it if only we can keep it simple and sweet. 



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