Wednesday, 18 March 2015

spring dreams

We knew it was coming.
A little bit fell yesterday evening but stopped within half an hour, and the night was calm.

Dear Muji waits for love as I get ready to take some pictures.

This is the look that originally won me over.  I call it "kitty mind control"

Then I'm off to take some pictures out the back window. This is the accumulation of Sunday's and today's snow after a substantial melt early last week.  Let's just say I'm not as enthused as I was at the beginning of winter...Then the phone rang.

It was Wally saying he was let off work early. It really is an insane amount of snow considering there is no wind, though I must remember that today's dump is sitting on top of Sunday's windy blizzard. This is the view down the side deck.

and out front before Wally returns. 
Because we are on a main route to the highway, sure enough the first ambulance has gone by. My intention always was to keep Wally close to home so he wouldn't have a long commute to work, and not have to take the highway which, indeed, has worked out that way.

We got these highly perfumed hyacinths last week to cheer up the drear of winter.
Yes, I love winter, but a change would be welcome. I'll have to do something to amp up the festivities around here, once a lunch of hearty soup is over. I can see Wally heading back to put the snow blower away for now so I'd better put a pot on the stove.

spring dreams


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

well...I had to laugh
especially when "...and then the phone rang"

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

I guess it does have that "ring" of comedy. I know you can relate to "enough already."

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