Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Quietly slipping into March

The last two weeks are a bit of a blur to me now. I have pictures here that span most of it:

Starting with February 15th, I am looking out the bedroom window toward our buried vegetable garden and the hayfield beyond, now officially called the snow field.
Along this same deck looking towards the big ash tree at the front of the house
There won't be any getting out this back door for a while 

Wally clears a path for the oil man to access our delivery,
and for eventually blowing out the back deck.
The following morning
At our driveway entrance, the ash casts its shadow across the street
Babu watches the world with me
A picture of Babu 5 days later, fast asleep
Meanwhile,Wally finally has time to get at the back deck that morning.

Our car is dwarfed by the snowbanks. Eventually Wally blows out this deck too.

The next evening, a gift
the sky on fire
Muji shares it with me from the stairs.
(Yes, Muji has a bum shoulder, but you should see him move when he chases Babu!)
And so it goes, or should I say, and so it snows.
Sometimes Wally has to come home from a long day of work and snowblow after yet another snowfall. My evenings are bunched up with meal prep, keeping to Wally's new diet, which isn't as easy as the old days now that we have excluded potatoes and pasta, sugar and minimal salt. 
The hedge completely buried now.
Often Wally tries to accompany me for a walk in a big box store that is not so treacherous as the icy hills around here (if you don't include the off-gassing from so many chemicals), but on nights like this we stick to the business at hand and live a quiet (not including the snowblower) life.
After almost 2 weeks of sorting through the possibilities, necessary to justify our new workbench that will serve as an industrial twist on countertop, we have scrapped our plans to keep a 2 piece bathroom incorporated into what will be... the new kitchen. While the bathroom would have been accessed through another room, saving door swing, it needs more space than I imagined.
We've decided to borrow space from the traditional dining room of this old house that we are presently using for office and food storage. Ironically, my ego was discombobulated to give up all the work I'd done to try to incorporate the 2 piece (which I've since decided must allow for a vanity large enough to hide the kitty litter box) into the new kitchen space that must also allow for dining and the hidden space guzzler, traffic flow. The new plan makes so much more sense. It will allow for a small pantry. We are both eager to get at it, but that won't come until we can move the bedroom upstairs... and the upstairs still needs a lot of work.
So with that I wish you peace and joy in your own life. I hope I will be able to share some creative work with you soon. Until then, I hope you can bring some creativity into your own life, so good for the soul..


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

well, I though I saw the previous post but I missed it. I've been checking in but now I see:
"...and so it goes...and so it snows" ...and so it blows!
It's almost Winnie the Pooh
and so it snows
tiddley pom
and so it goes
tiddley pom
and so it goes
tiddley pom
on snowing

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

That's so cute that you remembered that!

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