Friday, 26 June 2015

kind June

It's Friday again. The last one of the month. An oddly mild June. After a rainy week, the sun has returned with kind cool temperatures that make everything so pleasant and green. I have a few shots to share with you today. Just a morning look  about.

I found Babu in the window and chose to crop him out for this weird exposure of Muji.

Here's his true beauty

Babu jumped down to make a kitty totem pole

a magnificent heirloom tomato on the kitchen counter

its blossom end folded and curled as it dries, a fascinating form in itself

an orange pen doodle on graph paper, another of my many phone doodles

and another on an old thank you letter for an article I wrote many years ago.
Who would have thought the letter would make it so far. In my bid to reduce the volumes of paper in my life it made it into the scrap pile I tear up for notes and lists (and doodles) by the phone.

I often think of my viewers in the southern hemisphere who are entering their winter and how different the world is for them at this time of year. We all live in such different contexts, from rural to city, from forest to plains. All interconnected and vital to the well-being of each other.
Sending my quiet wish for peace and lovingkindness to unite each to all and each to the self.


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