Sunday, 21 June 2015

summer solstice

It's the longest day of the year. Despite its length, its getting darker as the rain clouds move in.

Babu and Muji watch the birds

Babu's attention span is longer

lemon thyme and chives at the yard's edge

a clematis blossom peeks out from behind some hollyhock leaves

the centre of the clematis flower

budding flower of a hollyhock

raspberry flowers

how a raspberry flower becomes a berry

our azalea planted last fall comes into bud

azalea buds

heuchera is a woodsy looking perennial  with dark purple leaves from whence it gets its name, blackcurrant, that become more silvery in summer

It is also known as Coral Bells, though this variety's flowers  are more white

that funky hard purple budding flower that I've been giving progress reports on throughout the spring, but still don't know the name, is fading to a dull gray/green white 

but still quite firm, a tough and enduring bulb plant

baby harelson apples

the stub of a baby peach

the cherry blossoms have burgeoned into their destined fruit

a water soaked carnation pink

a poppy breaking free


Japanese maple raindropped

the lupins in the evening light

honeysuckle at the edge of the field, a nondescript mess of leaves but for its wonderfully scented flowers

a budding honeysuckle

lupinfield to the east

no lupins in the hayfield to the south

honeysuckle on the shelf 
note the weird way the bloom grows out of the leaf, and the weird way the leaves are joined like a violin.  A gloriously scented bloom that lost its fragrance within an hour of picking,
but continues to open its petals many hours later as I wait to see if its branch sends out a root.

a sweet start to summer in our garden and the field beyond
holding the gift lightly, it is only ours to borrow


Jess said...

It's raining here today and quite dull outside. Seeing your gorgeous flowers is so uplifting on a day like this, I especially enjoyed the ones with the raindrops on! It makes me feel as though they're all outside my (wet!) window. Thankyou for sharing such beauties. :)
Jess x

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you for checking in Jess. I always enjoy you kind and appreciative comments!

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