Tuesday, 21 July 2015

two Sundays

Hello again.  I'm back after 2 Sundays.
The first Sunday after I last posted, I suggested that Wally and I go out for a picnic.

Here's Wally well rested after our reprieve from reality. We rested in the cooling shade of these trees while I read to him from Henry James' gothic tale: The Turn of the Screw. 

On Monday morning I woke to the tractor baling the mown hay.

Here he comes scooping the windrows into his baler.

About to poop a bale out, I mean release one..

and there it's gone, rolling away.

Rounding our end of the field

Coming back past our yard

The closest bale

and there he goes again in the summer heat

I turned to go back in, snapping this shot of an echinacea flower about to bloom

As I played with Babu, Muji came bounding in to grab the string,
something he rarely does

It pleased me to see him in such good form, but what's with the tongue?

After supper, the hay all baled, this ambitious farmer came out to retrieve all his bales

Scooping one up,

he turns to take it back to the hay wagon.

One of the crows in the field seemed somewhat curious about me

but he never came close enough for me to get a good shot

Here he is in context to the tractor

his mouth open to cool himself in the heat

So, any other blogger would probably save these shots for another day, but as I've got so many favourites, I'll share a few more with you to round out the 2 Sundays:

like this funny one of Muji. Wally called me to see Muji sleeping in this unusual position

Even this one, minutes later is unusual

This is the 2nd Sunday. Wally begins to open the wall up to pack it with insulation.

What to do with the telephone wire attached to the old telephone box...

Salvaging the telephone box. I was thinking it might make a neat altar.
Underneath old cupboard that he'd already removed lay a strip of old wallpaper

A charming strip of vintage wallpaper made to look like tile 

The windmill image up close

The faint remains of more wallpaper that could not be salvaged

Wally at the end of a good afternoon's work

As he went to rest, I pulled out my watercolours and painted for the first time since February.
The spell is broken.

Sweet dreams.


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