Tuesday, 28 July 2015

rainy afternoon

Greetings from a rainy afternoon.  It's been threatening rain for a week now with barely a drizzle so I thought I'd hang some laundry to dry, and of course, it rains! Wasn't I the sight running out to gather two pairs of jeans. I left the socks and underwear on the line as it was raining so hard, hoping to come out later to rehang the jeans, but still it rains.  I wonder if the rainwater will have any softening effect on the laundry out there.

In the meantime, what better way to amuse oneself than with watercolour painting. I only just finished this, the better of two:

 "Talking on the phone with Leona"
because that's what I was doing with my dear friend in Toronto
A sweet last Tuesday of July to you.  Remembering to find the gift in each moment.


lynne h said...

thank you for your sweet, sweet words at my place. they made me smile...

i love this painting. your colors are bright! you don't need to use the 12 color schmincke palette. ; )

i think that we are kindred spirits... : )


Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Oh, Lynne, I'm so touched. I never thought I'd see you here.

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