Friday, 18 March 2016

Friday progress report

Well now that's just weird; it's Friday again.
Wally has turned the corner on that awful cold that has been going around and is feeling like himself again.
Muji has definitely taken well to his new regimen of probiotics, psyllium fibre, magnesium citrate and slippery elm powder added to his cooked ground beef.  I tried to switch him over to raw ground beef, but he wasn't having any of it. I had to refreeze it and give it to Babu for supper that night.
You may notice that the black business on Muji's muzzle for the last several months has mostly cleared and moved to the top of his nose which is also not as large a spot, waning even more over the last week. I am pretty sure it is a fungal thing misnamed ringworm, which gave me a start when I first read that name. I thought the healing might have been the antiseptic effect of the coconut oil he's been getting, but this morning I read about the positive effects of the probiotic on such things. All very exciting all things considered.
It's nice to see him doing better with more energy, a pink nose, bright eyes and an even coat.

I don't know why closing off the bedroom yesterday until their towel for the bed was washed
but both Muji, who generally sleeps on Wally's office chair under the soothing heat from the heat pump, and Babu who can sleep anywhere were suddenly very active, and in Muji's case, needy.
Did he think the cat in the hat was beckoning him?
Babu who had been napping on the chair beside me, regardless of the washing machine running,
got very playful and began to twist and turn, playing with his feet.
You can see Muji has a completely different style of entertaining himself. Sheesh!

As Babu scrambled around on his chair with that wild eyed look playing cats get,

Muji got fed up and left

It snowed all day but very little stuck.
Eventually the laundry was done and Muji joined me as I folded when suddenly

he began to look very intensely out the window. 

He pulls this every now and then, usually looking over my shoulder at-
This behaviour used to creep me out, and I began to say hello to Marion, the original owner of this house, (though it could be Percy or John, one or the other of her two husbands, all now deceased).
But it was a real something this time. My camera is so slow that while I took the picture of the crow cawing in the tree, it saw me and flew away, wily bird. So this is a lucky shot.
I do so hope I'll have something creative to share with you next time, and that it will come earlier than next Friday.  I do feel satisfied with the creative progress I've made with Muji. Creativity comes in so many forms.
wishing you a peaceful slip into Spring,
the Spring Equinox arriving in this hemisphere this Sunday
keeping a full and loving heart


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

good to hear things seem back to normal

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank-you Barbara; it's been a long haul.
But I'm very encouraged.

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