Friday, 11 March 2016

Muji is doing better

It's Friday again.
It snowed.

the trees across the field
Babu spent a good chunk of time ducking me;
then, for some unknown reason, he became friendly again.

and began following me all over the house.
Here he is considering his weight, which he thinks is altogether too low and I should feed him hourly.

Muji has been my problem child this last month 

but seems to be substantially better
directly in proportion to how well I've educated myself on Constipation in Cats
Muji gets needy and goes to Babu for attention who is happy to give him love baths

though he is easily distracted

If Muji should move, Babu takes him is a love/death grip
But Muji can give as good as he gets
As I uploaded these pictures I had to get out my camera again to show the incessant
"kitty mind control"  Muji was practising on me
If he only stared at me like this I might have been able to handle it 

but his staring became more intense as he kept climbing up on my arm
 and rubbing his face against mine
I mean, really Muji...
In the end, I figured it was because Babu had taken his favourite chair, so Muji got lots of face cuddles as I tried to keep uploading.
Let's try to be a little flexible... and use our imagination.
(Muji has finally made it to the carpet by the front door)
have a lovely, healthy weekend


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