Friday, 4 March 2016

spring is a-comin' in

We slipped off to the Gaspereau farm to get some free range eggs...

Apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea, which must have given the donkey more courage

as he (she?) came out from hiding- unlike the last time
The brown hen in this photo also felt quite sociable

coming over for a closer look
Then the Shetland Pony joined the donkey
As the Sheland Pony approached the donkey became less shy 

while the Shetland Pony came right up for a pat (and a non-existent treat)
the pregnant curly horned ewe seemed to be the only sheep that hadn't given birth yet
There were many babies born, including these twins

the sun was going down
so we headed home
I hope life is kind to you and that you are kind to you as well.


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