Monday, 8 August 2016

More Clouds of Nova Scotia

Hello again after too long a parting.
How fleeting are the summer hours despite the long summer days.

Do you like clouds?
I imagine I will exhaust some of you with this second in a series of posts about clouds on our drive home from Halifax on Saturday the 23rd of July, just over 2 weeks ago.

I found it hard to leave even the blurry drive-by shots of this amazing range of clouds in what amounts to just over 1/2 hour of driving on the last leg of our trip home. Please forgive my enthusiasm.

Washboard clouds

The same clouds over the lowlands around the Avon River

With Cape Blomidon looming to the right of the North Mountain,
we are about to go deeper into the Annapolis Valley

The western sky is giving us some drama

the same cloudscape from a broader vantage

as we are about to cross the Gaspereau River over that bridge on the right

Coming into the Gaspereau Valley, a most beautiful place

The sweeping drama ahead of us

an orchard in the evening light

farmland cloudscape

how the sky dwarfs everything below

The vast blue yonder to the south as I look across Wally at the steering wheel

a charming farmhouse built long before this major highway

for Nova Scotia that is; this is what it looks like on a Saturday evening.

The rock cut tells us that we are nearing our exit,
a little reminder of our past life in Muskoka

The view to the south on our road

and home, over the back hedge

the threatening clouds past Forget-Me-Not Cabin

our charming little Harelson still in full apples despite the marauding deer
(Wally has since made another barrier on the far side of the hedge as our beans were the first to go)

One of the items on my wish list for a new home was Big Sky. With the drama of living near the ocean, I'm glad we have a certain shelter from some of the major storms because of our valley.

Our little garden sheltered by the hedges on one side

and the garage behind me.
Wally did brace that leaning peach tree so that it would stand the weight of its fruit in years to come.

I can't seem to take my eyes off those burgeoning clouds

so I distract myself for a moment by picking some sweet cherries from the neighbour's
overhanging branch- yum!

Within minutes the clouds seem


I turn to the back deck that has become distinctly shabby (chic?)

Wally, tired but happy, was left to unload the car while I claimed the last light for my cloud series

One last pan of the yard and the crazy apocolyptic sky beyond before we went in to make supper.

And a parting shot of that same sky before we sat down to eat.

Thank you to those of you who could bear with me. How I wish I had my camera to share our mini trip up the North Mountain yesterday evening when the highlight -literally- was the pink rolling line of cumulous clouds towards New Brunswick that formed a backdrop a platinum sea that glowed like a Victorian path to Heaven. Utterly unworldly, utterly Awesome.

Do gather to yourself the magnificence of this speechlessly fabulous world
and know your miraculous luck to have been given your time to witness it.


Bill and dogs said...

The drama of open skies and ever changing clouds. This was a beautiful post about something which many folks never see any more. Sometimes I get too busy to look up and see the wonders above me. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to them.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Bill, you are so dear; always sharing your love of nature and animals and your kindness towards them. Your blog always draws me in. :)

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