Wednesday, 10 August 2016

smoke on the horizon

I like my news in small bite size pieces like this morning's:

a crow jumped into our birdbath but hopped out as I snapped this shot

that seemed like big news to me after seeing the starlings bath together earlier this summer

Finding Babu and Muji in this lovely pose together is the kind of excitement I like 

whoops- looks like Babu is having a little excitement of his own

My pretty boys together
You can see that slice of fur missing from across Babu's nose after his outdoor adventure
with one of the neighbourhood feral cats has grown in nicely.

But what's this? Wally called me out the next day to see this:

smoke on the horizon

a closer look. It was just pumping out and thankfully the wind was not blowing in our direction.
I was appalled by the speed at which it propelled itself. Wally said the blackness was probably from asphalt roof shingles burning. One had to wonder if anyone was hurt. Certainly the environmental effect was sobering considering this was only one building.

The birds twittering followed by the multiplying sirens
as filmed by your wobbly reporter

Now back to sweeter things:

like this tiny bouquet (with an August Wild Aster already!)
that I picked partly on the North Mountain Look-Off and partly near Harbourville
on that little jaunt I told you about last post on which I regretted not having my camera

Here's Babu giving me a plaintive look as he would like his supper

Wally got a rare desire to take a picture after years of leaving all the photo journalism to me
and sadly setting aside his wonderful landscape art photography
but he has every right to be proud of this lovely organic Swiss Chard
that he grew in his garden

Then he got it into his head to have me pose with the zucchini lasagna I made
which we completely demolished in one sitting.

Aside from my almond-coloured stove with its avocado green vent hood, this shot will make me smile one day when I have a stove with knobs that I don't have to borrow from the left side to work the two burners on the right.  I will miss the iron plates that (I assume) cover the elements and evenly distribute the heat, retaining it long enough to turn the electricity off and use the residual heat to continue my cooking.

Also, the clock with the cord that can't quite reach the electric outlet is a replica of my beloved grandmother's kitchen clock. You would not believe how many times we look at the working clock only to see that it is 7:22. We've taken to calling it "Grandma Time". It is a daily touchstone for me.

So that's all the news that's "fit to print".
It is lovely and sunny and the road is relatively quiet as the road crew continue up the street.
Lots to be grateful for.


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