Monday, 29 August 2016

Lunenburg in August- Part Two

Thank you for dropping in on Phase Two of our Lunenburg afternoon two Saturdays ago.
Building mostly with a few animated  and somewhat barely animated shots. You'll see what I mean.

Front Harbour Marine was solid, somewhat subdued in colour almost identical to its red neighour

Another old working marine building

Corbels anyone?

Nothing like an East Coast picture of laundry blowing in the wind

Some of these sad old Victorians still have a few redeeming features like this huge building that would love a coat of fresh colours

like this charming building

right up to the sidewalk, another simple boxy house that benefits from overstated mouldings and corbels at every possible corner

built around 1827 for Captain Jacob Moser, Master Mariner

Switch those colours around and they still work on this next house

I step back to get a better shot as Wally carries on toward the Foodland just beyond

We were getting hungry and it was too far to walk back to the car to get our picnic
so we bought a few goodies and sat on the stoop of the Clearwater Fishing headquarters, close for the day, and rested a while out of the sun

Just to our left, looking back toward the bay we saw this quaint sight

This dock is signed as "Railway Wharf" clearly leftover from another generation

As we enjoyed this idyllic sight, a fishing boat came tootling in

making its way to "safe harbour"

Wally thought this would be a good time to capture the moment

Then we headed back to a crossroad that would take us up to the next level of town

and as we rounded the corner of the old blacksmith shop we saw this charming scene

Across the way, we saw this house for sale at 202 Pelham St.
Just for fun, I looked it up and found that the asking price is $389,500,
substantially higher than some of large houses around the province

dead or snoozy? Definitely snoozy

Baby Blue and- Corbels!

1884 Built for Capt. Simeon Hebb former home of Mayor Lawrence Hebb

touching up a beauty

one more sweetie

a whale of a knocker (hee hee)

a neglected oldster, big for its day

and that's the end... my camera battery died. ho hum. and there was so much more to see.

well, thanks for coming along for the ride.
There's a whole lot of beauty around us
Let's continue to enjoy it all.


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