Thursday, 13 October 2016

a bit of Gaspereau Valley and Wolfville

Finally I can begin to show you my October pictures. The Annapolis Valley comes alive in October, as crops are harvested and preparations are made for winter.

On the 1st, we headed out to the Gaspereau Valley Fibres Yarn Shop- as Wally has taken up knitting- only to find they were closed.

Having once had the experience of witnessing a friend being spat on by a llama,
I didn't dare get out of the car to take these pictures of this noble sentinel.

His ward eyeing me suspiciously through the fence

Across the street, a house I've always admired

So we headed back from whence we came

You can see a hint of this fabulous old barn in the previous picture

More brick red outbuildings

The turbulent expanse of sky as we left

and headed the long way home through the burbs of Wolfville

Yes these are real!

a crow keeping some chickens company in someone's front yard!

some lovely landscaping

part of a wonderfully shingled bungalow

a charming relic of the 1940's

a reclaimed inn

the "ivied halls" of the old Acadia University Gymnasium as we leave town

Our big coup was finding some 30-odd foot square cement patio stones that someone was getting rid of in a newish subdivision.  We loaded our car with half of them and made our way home gingerly over the ruts and potholes. Wally returned the next morning and actually found the other half still curbside and absconded with them in the rain. We carried on with our own preparations for the big Fall Cleanup that day. I found myself giggling the next morning as I watched the workers lug off our bags of old shingles that Wally had removed from the far side of Forget-Me-Not Cabin through September. He's aiming for the Spring Cleanup to have the other side stripped and reshingled.
A lot of work for one working man.

Meanwhile I'm in charge of keeping our bodies and souls together. I am heartened that I am making again. Perhaps something to share with you next time.

a most loving look from Babu

keeping compassion in our hearts


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