Tuesday, 18 October 2016

a brief Thanksgiving getaway

October. There is so much richness in the sound of it. And so much Contrast. The month is steeped in colour and harvest... and its aftermath. It is a serious month, at once festive and melancholic.

past the hydrangeas and Forget-Me-Not Cabin, over the hedge and beyond the hayfield
the colours glow
We got out for our brief autumn drive this long weekend past, down our choppy road

past some pretty town houses

This one, once a sickly green, has now sold, and invited the town's October tradition of
Pumpkin People to their property

It isn't long before we're past the plazas, our one mall and big box stores before we're into some serious terrain, getting a taste of the wild forest we miss

Here, a miracle of nature and a metaphor of life, to have one's roots cut and still be able to grow in the hardest conditions

The first and only stop we made at this bend in the Gaspereau River, 
as we did last year when we found...

the too-friendly-for-their-own-sake domestic ducks who followed me up to the car. I will never forget their sacred innocence. This is the picture I made of them from memory last year.

The river ran so slowly that it made a great mirror, the bridge's rocky foundation to the left

Reflections at the water's edge

the forest as it rises across the street, beyond the bridge

the river is spotted with golden leaves that move to the right, an eastern path I think

truly a magical spot

a golden show riverside

dark reflections in this sheltered part of the river, a forest mirror

the rising hillside by the bridge's rocky foundation

the river so slow that a marsh has taken hold

a gorgeous leaf, a mirrored Rorschach, doing its best imitation of the river's reflections

a fuzzy wuzzy I name "Spike"

. It was truly glorious and satiated our appetite for forest beauty.
I thought of Leona and all the people I love.

embroidered on off-white denim, whip-stitched to secure the fray

kindness first


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