Saturday, 8 October 2016

a time for gratitude

It's clear I've been letting my blogging slide.  The roadwork noise does take its toll, but on the upside, I'm making again, and that makes most days go fast, sometimes too fast and I'm shocked to find us well into the first week of October.

My domestic duties carry on and though a late September succession of rainy days kept me from hanging laundry ( I let our hamper pile up until I can hang outside),  the cooking from scratch...

and fresh veggie prep for juicing never cease.
The longer skinny stalks here are bolted broccoli from our garden. The broad leaves are kale.

One lovely morning I heard the screeching of a blue jay that I hadn't heard for a month or more
and found the little guy drinking from the bird bath.

That gives me so much pleasure that I can be of service to these jays who appear to be a couple.

We had a barrage of crows in the neighbourhood for a while- about 2 dozen

There is a phenomenon out here that I never hear talked about and that is the hundreds of crows that fly in from the north each autumn night, roosting in the trees in New Minas, our next door town. It must be so hard on the human residents with all the noise (and who knows what all else) they make.

Walking up our mangled street to our car one evening, we met a local man who said they used to roost in our town in the old day. OMG! Thank goodness for the  relatively few marauders who come to CAWCAW to each other in our trees each spring and early summer.

Wally working on the far side of Forget-Me-Not Cabin's roof in mid September between rain days.
You can see the top of his makeshift ladder that he slapped together to help support him,
especially on the edges.

You'd never know by this great smile how nervous he was that day
as the wind had picked up and made his maneuverings that much more precarious.

so proud of him

on another day, with the sun dappling the bathroom floor,
Babu gave me a suspicious look as I appreciated his languorous beauty.

Mr. Muji took residence in the vestibule where he loves to sleep in spots of sunlight.
I actually have to watch that my fair-haired boy doesn't get too much of it.

I continued with some more pen and ink, this time studying doll heads

beginning to reinterpret them

and finally, a stylized flower, the pen nib so sharp it indents the paper

and so,
another visit with you.
thank you so much for dropping by!

thank you 


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

glad to hear you're keeping busy.
btw: a "murder of crows"
happy thannksgiving to both of youy

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

thank you B.

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