Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Goodbye November

Welcome dear viewers. Thank you for dropping in.

Last night as I prepared for bed, I took a peek outside and took a rare flash photo of the scene out front: the pretty snow falling. There are still a few of the old warm light streetlights around but we've got one of the cold new ones, halogen I'm guessing. You can guess what I'd prefer. Ah well- progress.

By morning, the rain was doing a good job at melting the snow away, but even a little bit of snow is a welcome sight, layering the landscape with freshness.
You can still see some of our kale in the foreground, still surprisingly tender.

Yesterday I went a little bit nuts coffee staining papers, 2 at a time in a 350F oven. The smell of roasting coffee was intoxicating.

I still have very little control over what happens. Coffee grounds, for instance, don't leave a mark.
But look what happened to this ledger paper when I faced it down on the baking paper that I lined the lasagna dishes with!

These are very thin paper doilies from the dollar store that I found even cheaper
at a second hand store. I put only a thin wash of coffee on them.

Muji slept throughout this photo shoot.

I don't know if you've noticed how rarely Babu has been making it into my posts these days.

That's because my little guy is almost always on the move - when he's awake.

He is a sweet and loving cat and wants cuddles and playtime

And here's what came of that doodle I showed you last time.
Little Miss Dolly.


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