Friday, 24 February 2017

5 cats 7 planets

What a balmy few days it's been- by winter standards that is.

The mist that moved in from the east dissipated in the light of day.
And I saw a robin!

I turned and was startled to find two cats in our great ash tree

a yellow eyed female

and a yellow eyed male

Our neighbour's cat, who seems to be in this basement window all the time, watched on.

The tomcat was too shy to put on his Cheshire cat smile
though he posed well for a Wonderland tale

In my naïveté I thought I'd be of help to the beleaguered female, but she was just as shy,
and out of the tree she was more vulnerable to him, hence the scream that drew me back outside, the hissing at him from the neighbour's front yard, and finally running away. I regretted I got involved.

I took a picture of our house from their driveway, and returned home

to find our sweet boys cuddled up together on Wally's office chair.
I teased them by opening the windows which was a treat for us all.

Next day:

This morning's sky was weird, but it promises to be an equally lovely spring day.

Muji kept me company with some thoughts of his own to mull over

a handsome boy in profile

please forgive another shot of my handsome boy

Meanwhile Babu did his best to harass me into an early breakfast

two hungry boys

I've been doing a bit of early spring cleaning, or rather tidying, so I will share these stained kitchen table doodlings

and the other side- obviously in a bunny sort of mood.
The writing says: "The light of a thousand stars all around you"
I don't know what was on my mind that day, but it is good to remember.

Incidentally, Wally told me last night that SEVEN Earth-sized "exo planets" (meaning outside our solar system), 3 of which may be inhabitable, have been discovered just under 40 light years (235 trillion miles) in the Aquarius Constellation. I had to laugh, obviously in a "how does this affect me" state of mind. We talked about how long it would take us to get there by present modes of travel. LifetimeSSS! Yet, truly it is a fascinating thought that one could stand on one of these new planets and see a sister planet as close as our moon, sometimes closer.

It turns out, having gone to NASA's site, that there is are several discoveries of other possibilities of inhabitable planets. Still, the bigger trick, as I see it, would be to see us evolve into the enlightenment such a gift would warrant.

peace on earth


Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Lovely cat's chronicles!The big white and grey guy is impressive! And Muji's blue eyes are so beautiful.I smile when i look at your sweet boys, cats have such a presence!
Love the bunnies, i can imagine them having fun with other creatures to celebrate the coming spring in a watercolour painting.
Be well my dear.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you dear Jeanne-Sylvie. I hope you are doing well too.

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