Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A day of extremes in the weather as the air pressure moved from a thick humidity and ominous cloud cover, with scattered rain and sun, to an absolute clearing this evening, without a cloud in the sky.  I caught this wonderful skyscape before supper. Oh look, there's our woodstove chimney in the bottom left corner.

During the course of the day I began to see a pattern forming : grids and spirals

Sometimes subtle


Sometimes overt


I remembered that these phenomenons of geometry in nature are called Fibonacci or fractals.  Check out these exquisite spirals in nature

Then there was the usual odd assortment of characters I keep discovering with every venture out,  like this  Idunno whatitis.

And this lovely thingy

And still the echinacea continue to amaze me with their brilliance amidst the wild pink mallow.

There is such an infinite amount of miraculous beauty in this precious world of ours that sometimes I find myself quite overwhelmed by the wealth of it.  It's as if my eyes have opened for the first time.  And I wonder how I could ever make anything with even half the beauty of a weed or stone or blade of grass.... But I am overdue to try my hand at something new and so I hope my next post will delight us both with it.

Love and Blessings


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

I love your pictures of the thingy and the bench.
Cool spirals on your link, too!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks for noticing and taking the time to comment!

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