Friday, 9 July 2010

It's been well over a week since I last wrote to you.   I hope you have been able to find some comfort throughout all this heat.  There is a definite cooling effect as we come home from our trips to town and enter the ameliorating shade of the forest.  Today I ventured out from under this last week's mantle of heat  for a walk before an impending storm that never came.

                    In Canada we're inclined to talk about the weather, even more so if you're rural.
This is the eastern sky this afternoon.  You'll be seeing more sky shots in the future as I'm fascinated by the clouds that give the sky character and atmosphere (oh! a pun!).

The rain fell with a vengeance last night, but only the angelica seemed to take it hard.

My bug jacket really paid for itself today as I roamed through the wet foliage collecting raspberries while the mosquitoes tried to make a pincushion of me. Thank goodness they never found the hole in the knee of my pants!

Pellargonium- the Martha Washington geranium- is a bright light on the darkest days.  While it buds and blooms, I'm working towards a show next week that has kept me from regular postings.  But soon I will be back to explore my creative depths and share with you.

                                                            Creative buds and Peace.


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