Thursday, 1 July 2010


Flowergirl of the Rising Heart

With all my good intentions to proceed with freehand machine embroidery, I was compelled to hand stitch this piece. It evolved with a life of its own, as I wished .  There is the joy in the handmade that leads you down a path you've never been.  Over the years it's been suggested that I reproduce my work, for all kinds of good reasons, but it would turn what I love to do into a job, and goodness knows there are enough jobs to do in life.  Besides, there is an organic mystery in the unique, at least if it has merit. Ha, ha.

Angelica archangelica

And here is that picture I promised a few weeks back of the angelica at its full height, well over 6 feet.  Who knew I'd be posting so many nature shots?  One of the many happy surprises this experience has brought.

Wishing you a sweet joy to fill your rising heart


Elise Muller said...

She's stunning, vibrant! So much love & patience went into that piece. How will you display her now?

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Elise. Yes, it took a little time,but I wanted to see what came of it. Since it naturally wowed once I took it off the hoop to embroider the edges, I was thinking of making a little pillow of it, perhaps filled with lavender.

Elise Muller said...

Oh a lavender pillow will be wonderful!

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