Saturday, 8 October 2011

last lap at Killbear

These are the more spectacular pictures I was talking about in a previous post.  Georgian Bay, the Canadian Shield (the Precambrian rock), the iconic land of the Group of Seven,  one feels a sense of raw freedom.  Last night I dreamed of bears and wolves.

How lovely to be on the top of the point and feel the primitive beauty in our bones.

Just cool enough for a jacket, we roamed the length of this rock like the back of a mammoth animal.

The rock is anything but barren. The lichen is everywhere and mosses too.  And as you can see, even the trees grow right out of it,  natural bonsai and, so, very old. 


Looking back from whence we'd come.

And down to the lake below.

What a pleasure to be in a world that respects its wildlife.


Especially the lowly snake.   They say you can judge a culture by how they treat their lowest members.  While I don't come from a culture of snakes  (well, not most of the time)  I think it is a big mistake to not see the value of our fellow beings.


Swamps are also areas that are not valued enough for the teeming wildlife they support.
And there is great beauty too if one only stops to look.

Deer, of course, are everywhere, and like that beauty I showed you earlier,
can be so tame that you can find them grazing beside the road,
not to mention moose as well.


We loved the solitude we shared on this quiet Tuesday, the 6th of October.

Today we will do yardwork at home.  It is the most exquisite Indian summer day here.  The maples are vermilion, chartreuse, vibrant coral oranges, buttercup yellow and russet.
Immersed in nature, it is easy to be grateful and give thanks... every day.



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