Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Thanks giving

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, the Monday of a long weekend.  It sounded like everyone went away.  Except for the soft sound of leaves falling and a few bluejays calling, it was exquisitely quiet.  I decided to set myself up outside on the deck with a box of papers to sort or chuck as there wasn't a breeze to disturb me.

The great maple tree to the south was casting its huge shadow to keep the warm sun from melting me.


As I watched the birds flit and the leaves softly tumble,  I realized I had to share this with you.


Eventually I realized that I needed to stretch my legs to saunter and savour this fleeting time.
Here is some firewood that Wally cut from a fallen maple the day before.

Earlier that morning I heard a quote by Albert Camus :
  "Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower."


There were bouquets everywhere.


Finally, I wandered around the back of the house which faces due south and the deck where I eventually continued my job of sorting, with more time-outs for contemplation and meditation.

Giving thanks.
And thanking you for spending this time with me.


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