Sunday, 2 October 2011

woodland wild berries

I set out on a walk this morning, hoping to beat the rain.

There was a chill in the air and the pungent smell of leaves.

These are the last days of autumn colour before it all goes beige.

These nefarious-looking berries are still in place.  No bird has eaten them.

There are more highland cranberries than ever.  I actually saw a robin in amongst them.

It does one good to be out in nature.  Here I stand at the foot of a great white pine.

There is a timeless rightness with the world on days like this as I feel the precious days slipping by.
Perhaps you wonder why I am not showing any artwork lately.  It's because I am not producing any.  My creative challenges seem to come in other forms these days as I ponder my place in the world. 
I saw most wonderful book title the other day and it washed over me like a breath of fresh air:

You Were Born to Live

Don't you just love that?  I tend to be one of those "thinky" people.  I try to remember to develop my intuition which I think is a highly under-rated quality in our western culture.  While I am inclined towards intellectualizing, I like to remember that "your strength is your weakness" if one becomes overly reliant on one area of one's capacities.

These little berries were a pleasant surprise.  I think they are elderberries.

Or perhaps these are.

And though these wonderful wild rosehips are not berries, they also delight in their scarlet hue.

I did get caught in the rain after all, but I hid the camera under my vest and patted myself on the back for getting out on this anything-but-dreary day as I headed home.  All these rich treats await one when we take a chance at beating the rain.


Medieval Muse said...

What a beautiful post!
And I totally agree - it does do one good to get out in nature.

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thank you Medieval Muse; I know I have a fellow nature lover in you as I enjoy your blog too.

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